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Nike Zoom KD IV Performance review

Do you remember that   the game in the 2011 finals  that Durant with his the NIKE ZOOM KD IV.

NIKE ZOOM KD IV The Nike Zoom KD IV is Kevin Durant’s fourth signature shoe and was designed by Leo Chang. It debuted in December of 2011 .

Today we are talking about it .

Here are the full review of scores


Traction – 9/10 (This score is based on usage of a clean hardwood court)
Cushion – 6/10 (Average)
Material – 9/10
Fit – 8/10
Ventilation – 8/10
Support – 9/10

For that material : it is utilized the mesh material which have a good breathable and durability . I remember that the Fly Wade 2, Hyperfuse 2011 and the LeBron 8 PS all scored very high in the breathability section. The KD IV’s breathable areas come in the form of the Fuse-based side panels, which are lined with a net-designed mesh layer. There is a nice amount of ventilation for the foot on the lateral sides, which also feature a small, forefoot screen as another area for air to seep through.

The Adaptive Fit strap covers up the majority of the ventilated side panel on the medial side of the foot, therefore, in my times wearing this shoe, my foot felt more ventilated on the lateral side


For the cushioning : Nike incorporated full-length Zoom in the forefoot of the KD IV, and it possesses a lightweight Phylon midsole. Nike choose this cushioned midsole as far as the Phylon is concerned which is something you may want to consider before making a purchase on one of the regular retail versions. maybe the firm of  phylon.

And the Zoom in the KD IV’s forefoot is non-existent at times. So rhe cushion of KD IV  which more  denser and firmer , soft landing surface I imagined it to feature.


The finals Durant averaged 30.6 points, 2.2 assists and 6 rebounds. This is the average of the two teams’ Big Three finals. As Durant, James, Wei less, Wade, Bosh and Harden.


There are some picture for the game  :

there is a strap on the shoes .

for the supporting ; Nike carried the TPU midfoot shank from the KD III to the KD IV, so this shoe has a very defined, supportive ride.So the support was great, just as you would expect.  for the shoes coller , it is supportive and comfortable collar , then  the external midfoot shank kept the foot in its natural shape without additional, and sometimes painful, flexing of the arch, the KD IV felt more comfortable with more wears.

For the traction : The KD IV’s traction performance well . for my experience ,there are any problems with slipping or holding my ground while playing in it. thought it has been not good the  herringbone traction which was incorporated on the first three KD models, but the KD IV’s outsole features some sort of thunderbolt design.  I actually felt the most grip in regards to stop-and-go moves, quickly changing directions and reacting on defense.


Overall, It’s a nice shoes. the great  material and the nice  traction . also the supporting is amazing .

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