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Air Jordan 13 Retro “Chicago” Deconstructed Report

Air Jordan 13 Retro “Chicago” color scheme is an original release which took place in 1998. The Air Jordan 13 Chicago in White and Red will retro once again in 2017.


We can see the details from the fastpass



For the material .it is utilized the great leather .This classic Air Jordan 13 will feature White tumbled leather that lands on the tongue and is placed across the side panels. Red is then used across the midsole which then extends through the heel. but for  the ventilation , it is not good ,the air can not through .


we can see more details from picture

there is the logo on the tongue

By the ankle is the traditional hologram which adds for a nice touch. Other highlights include Black on the outsole and Jumpman branding on the tongue.

white and soft insole with black  JUMPMAN LOGO

we can see the inside of details  , there are the the “9 AIR JORDAN 13 RETRO 414571 QF-8H 9#”

for cushioning : Heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushion. It’s responsive, resilient and comfortable,and the court feeling is great. we have to say it is nice and  awesome .


there are data for the zoom air cushioning .

there are the Carbon fiber support plate , and the data of the plate

the jumpmen logo

for the traction : it is utilized the rubber traction ,and it is just so so .

Lateral movements and front to back coverage are plentiful yet offer little restriction with movements

overall , the colorway is the classic and great cushioning , the leather is also great .

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Air Jordan 13 Love and Respect Performance Review

Since the 2016 year , there are a lot of sneakers which have new design and material ,tech and so on .But the Air Jordan 13  as the classic shoes in the sneaker world.

Inspired by Michael Jordan’s ultimate love and respect for the game of basketball, the themed colorway will not only release in a colorway for men, but one for women, as well.

Today we are talking about it .

for the box , it is nothing special .

“What is Love” the Air Jordan 13 once again receives a his and hers treatment, this time in flipped black and white colorways with “Love and Respect” graphics in reflective material around the heel.The white with black  are both match the them.

For material ,The AJ13 is one of my favorites in terms of comfort and on-court use. the PU coated leather are amazing  .I can feel the snug and soft  when playing , even I played longer time , it is still good at my feet .Additionally, the carbon fiber plate is actually made of carbonized fibers.

However the  breathability is not good , especial for summer .That was disappointed  but we I can accept .

For supporting ,Lockdown is awesome, plain and simple. After a short break-in period the leather will soften up a bit.That is one of  reason what I loved .And the form of the heel protected the feet . It is amazing . Snug and soft , that what I feeling . I liked the feeling of the 13 , seems it is can give me a power .

For  cushioning .  Heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushion are perfect .  it’s not quite as springy as the Air Jordan 13, especailly when I playing longer time , I would like it  anyway .



For traction , actually the  traction are just so so . it is not very good for me , especially on- court .  I can feel it stick ,the traction will break-in and give you plenty of coverage on the court.After nearly a week’s worth of playing, yeah , I have a little disappointed .Luckily, that isn’t the case.

For fitting , it is the true size .The fit its great and provides plenty of support and the base is nice and wide which does take some getting used to .

Overall . it is the gift for the 20 years Anniversaries. As the fans , it is not only a  sneakers , but a memory .

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Air Jordan 13 ‘Brave Blue’ Performance Review

As the Air Jordan 13 Low “Brave Blue” released ,which consisted mostly of Chicago-inspired colorways, there were a few notable exceptions, including this off-court Air Jordan XIII Low colorway, which features a reflective mesh upper.It is classic shoes when the Air Jordan shoes released, especially for the colorway .

For the material ,I had to choose great  wrapping of sneakers.The overall durability is still  great .and the form of inside are enough to protect my feet . I like it very much , especially for the hurting the finger , it can provide the great protection .

For the traction , actually for me , it is not great . I played longer time  , indoor or outdoor  are both.As I remember that we the tractions was not durability as last version. It just wasn’t as awesome as I remembered it being with the Original and first round Retro releases.

will be continue

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Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ Performance Review

The OG Bred colorway of the Air Jordan 13 is coming back recently ,Jordan Brand’s cool initiative to start their own blog has given us exclusive interviews with celebrities close to the brand and first looks at upcoming retros. As a sneaker enthusiast ,I like the Bred very much . we are talking  Bred  today .

Air Jordan 13 features a black leather upper along with the signature mesh detailing on the side panels which comes with 3M detailing. True Red suede is then placed on the ankle/heel .

NIKE shoe is a stack of these elements, the taste of leather, exquisite design, and Black classic colors, but in addition to the the 3m detailing . It is not only a classic sneakers ,but also you can see the obvious modern elements .

I am tall 185cm , weight : 82KG ,  now we will test it .

For the material ,  It is improving the ventilation. I can feel snug even playing longer. High tensile threads are used throughout the lateral side of the shoe and provide you with a comfortable fit ,But for summer , it is a little hot .

There is a logo of jump men in the tongue .

For cushion , the midsole utilized the Zoom unite ,there is no hesitation when jump and running . the feedback of bounce is excellent ,so I can moving fast .it is not change the effect of changing the upper material ,but I still feel a little difference .Especially for the continues jumping  ,it is improve the cushioning actually . I feel great .

For supporting ,Lockdown is awesome, plain and simple. After a short break-in period the leather will soften up a’ll be busting moves with more confidence than before.

As a result of  midsole , I feeling the midsole is stable ,that is easy to  moves faster when running .


Overall ,  many years passed ,but not change the status of sneakers .the design and the cushioning  and supporting is excellent .There are some minor setbacks in terms of material quality but for the most part I think these still performed just as good as some of today’s sneakers. How do you thinking it ?


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Air Jordan 13 Low ‘Chutney’ Performance Review

$93.00 Select options

Jordan Brand says that the Jordan 13 Low Chutney represents a lifestyle influence on basketball  and sneaker world that was started by Jordan with the Air Jordan 9.  The  Air Jordan 13 released back in 1998, the ‘Chutney’ is a classic sneaker till now . While a model that is popular amongst the sneaker collecting community, during it’s initial launch sat and actually was marked down.In the long history of basketball sneakers , there are many classic models that fascinate us.Still for many, this pair has been what some would call a grail.



The shoe features a Black leather and suede upper with Chutney detailing on the side panels, inner liner, outsole, and the Jumpman logo on the tongue.

There is  a gold Jumpman logo by the ankle to finish things off.   

For cushioning : I was surprised by the cushioning , it is amazing . Heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushion. It’s responsive, resilient and is Still utilized the PHYLON foam , forefoot more paste, the venue is also more obvious sense. Combat in the palm will pay more attention to cushioning performance, forefather is more concerned about the start effect, so the use of the back of the Zoom Air compared to the more solid, cushioning effect should be even better.

For traction :It just wasn’t as awesome as I remembered it being with the Original and first round Retro releases.But because of the bottom line that improve the grip .For me , it is just not bad ,maybe I am not the career of basketball player .But there is one disadvantage that the material is soft ,so the durability is not good .After nearly a week’s worth of playing, the traction was not well .

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Air Jordan 13 History Of Flight Performance Review

Michael used the XIII as his weapon of choice during his last season as a Chicago Bull, leaving behind a string of memorable OG colorways and some celebrated Retro releases in the middle of the last decade.

For as long as we’ve known, Jordan Brand is releasing the Air Jordan Air Jordan 13 History Of Flight with a pure-white colorway seize a lot of people heart .

Today we are talking about it .

If you are a enthusiast for sneaker , you must be familiar  with this sneaker , yes, it is the  Chicago  which  rememory  Carnival AIR JORDAN 25th anniversary in 2009 which tribute MJ legend of Chicago sneaker series.

While the 2009 sample edition of the Air Jordan 13 ‘History of Flight’ used the most premium of materials, the retail run will likely skip that detail on the toebox. The side panels appear to feature nice material quality and the colorway itself remains as fresh as it was in ’09. Jordan 13 History Of Flight with a White tumbled leather upper offset by the Red hits noted on the sole unit, lining and branding

We’ve never seen an XIII in a pure-white colorway like this, save the low-top version with the Chrome swoosh, although a ‘Silver Anniversary’ release of the XIII would’ve been rather popular (and a hot item for sneaker customizers).

Black  laces system , the traditional hologram on the lateral side of the ankle,  it is fashion as usually  for match colorway .

The  White midsole and the Metallic Silver Jumpman on the tongue round out the main features on the shoe. yes, the design already attraction by passerby .And it  is the same color scheme used on all the other retros from the History of Flight series ,but this is the first time one of those models releases to the public.


For supporting , With the classical structure with the upper is filling thick  tongue composed and  sufficient lacing system are both to improve the  supporting , although this AJXIII compared with today’s new shoes , but wrapped  is very well since I played some hours  .

For the classic shoes, The design is too complicated in that year ago.Because of shoes making process subject to craftwork which have not  complicated  upper making ,just only  filling the classical structure with the upper thick tongue and  lacing system are both to improve the supporting . although  AJ XIII  has been very good compare with that current sneakers.

For cushioning : At the beginning of the wear Air Jordan 13 ,I feel that snug because of its material soft ,especial in walking .But it is just only for walking ,if  we are running fastly , Then the sneaker will bring different experience in  our weight pressure and another force . Air Jordan 13 HOF  utilized the zoom which Nike  classic tech. The foresole  do its job well , and the midsole playing process performance well when turning and running . I played two hours in the inside court , the sneaker performance well . The midsole did excellent job ,especial when I jumped and fall . I think this is why it has been popular till now .Great and amazing design .ZOOM technology can be improved and used in Air Jordan 13 , maybe that is the reason Air Jordan 13 is a classic and popular .




For material , It is used premium of materials which white , it has been  always as a fantastic classic till now .

The leather is great ,but for summer , ventilation is not very well , if you are a fan , yeah ,you still like it . Side of  upper  have a 3M logo which Air Jordan 13 representative.

For traction : AJ XIII design inspiration from the cheetah, besides  LOGO 3M eye is hight for AJ 13 , in addition   herringbone  design used  is improving  the  grip , we can feel excellent grip both in indoor and outdoor.


Overall ,”HOF” series as once only one  hot commemorative color  for fans  ,all-match color, comfortable foot feeling, and pay tribute to the classic commemorative significance, there are too many reasons that we can talk .